Why collaboration?
I like problem solving with other people.

Do you think that some people are scared to collaborate?
Don’t know? It can get really complicated.

Do you consider the movie director John Waters an influence on your output, if so, how and if not then please expand on why?
I like Desperate Living. i also like his interview in a film called NC17 This film is not yet rated (2006 Kirby Dick).

Can Bohemians and the Army Co-exist and how?
Do u mean can artists be in the army?
co-exist? does that mean ignore each other?
Artists could be Commandos …the corps that can think for them selves and use their own initiative not have to wait for orders… These could be artists? More irresponsible edgy …employed for their spontaneous, bravado….
I looked up Commandos in a dictionary and found: a member of a military assault unit or team trained to operate quickly and aggressively in especially urgent, threatening situations, as against terrorists holding hostages.

What are you reading right now for fun?
Nelson’s Biography by Tom Pocock

Why do we have libraries?
To borrow books from. Sharing expensive books…and to keep warm and to use the internet and photocopying machines.
How can an artist be sure that their viewers do not get confused between their “work”, practice and documentation of both?
I reckon the confusion is the interesting part, Sun Ra style, William Blake blind visions…
what begins with b?
Boobs? Bum Hole?

What begins with S?
Shirt? Sledge hammer?

What art do you tend to ignore more than other kinds?
I have a real problem with white cube, commercial gallery type… like the East end of London and New York!? I am more receptive to anything out side of this.

Who has influenced your practice in the last year?
Lots of films and books like:
Repulsion (1965)
and Dorris Lessing’s ‘The Grass is Singing’

What books would you take with you to
a. the Sahara
b. the Antarctic and
c. London
I think it’s too heavy to take books to the first options…maybe on audio/spoken books…so then any epics I’ve not read yet…Moby Dick, War and Peace,
The Riddle of the Sands: A Record of Secret Service is a 1903 novel by Erskine Childers?
The Antarctic maybe a small manual on survival.
In London it’s really good to read on the tube, so I think I’d start another Doris Lessing – the Golden Notebook

What should critics do?
…they are meant to have an overview and precision bombing…. to write informed thought provoking text? no?

Whats it like working with all those amazing costumes?
I am sewing one now that is totally hand sewn and is elaborately inlayed with cut out water lilies and fish.

is art education important for the artist?
Yes, to learn how to be self critical like a self perpetuating machine…

What have you been up to in the past month?
Living in the Netherlands, making models of things i’d like to make happen.

What would you rather be doing right now?
Sensory deprivation tank like the ones in Altered States…Ken Russel film…

Thanks Sparatacus.

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