‘Totally Total Press’ is the title of Pete Inkpen and Lilith’s umbrella of various published (online or in the real world…) materials.

Totally Total press would like to in the future, hopefully over the next year or so, achieve these things:

→Create and produce a zine consisting of artist and musician interviews, artworks, criticism and ideas.

→Create, curate and produce a series of Poetry anthologies.

→Make and produce a cultural “T.V’ show to attempt to further the idea of what Art Practice could, become and contribute to not just the art world but society as a whole. Sounds like a lot for us to do in one little home made t.v show but…gotta start somewhere…

→Explore through various media the notions of collaboration, imagination, fun and criticism with regards to Art Practice…

The T.V show will appear on this blog as well as youtube.com and as an i-tunes Podcast.

Below is a shortened version of an email exchange between Pete Inkpen and Spartacus Chetwynd. A more thorough look at her and her work will hopefully be printed in a “Totally Total’ magazine soon!


Current this page will be used to add and update various interviews with Artists and Musicians as well as Links to other Projects…..