Chewing gum again…

Take a shower in the dark
listening out for whats not quite there
some dusty books and old t-shirts
broken cups and a torn up skirt
its time to trade in.
i got a thousand things i want to see
a pile of things to make and do
half a pint of burnt lemonade.
so fax me down the winning numbers
when the right time comes.
you pulled out a gun but it was the wrong one.
you pull out your gun but your gun is a pancake and
if I had a pancake i’d roll it up and smoke it.
we got the cold weather.
we wander and wheel until theres not much left to steal
folding out flat across your face
cover it up
tight, keep it shut,
i’ve been thinking of what you think you say
so lets break open a fresh set of balls,
make late night calls,
hitting back and fourth,
stealing back balls from the tennis courts,
we court, cavort,
its all sound
it’s all around
gotta grab whats under your nose till
there’s nothing left to chew.
chew on the hand.

Midnight sketch….(again and again i collect friends…)

Cheap scent stacked out in the racks
Wearing robes from ribbons torn til they strayed
Stacking cans of coke that will fill your grave
I’ve got no time to tell you whats really been going on
This song isn’t giving nothing
So prove me till im wrong…
The way of the howling – look at that crazy crate that rolling up that hill…
Itll knock you off your feet
Cut me loose im feeling ill…
So stay on till sunday and we can make a friend
A friend to lend and learn to tell you what theres left to say
Because there’s plasticine stuck in the carpets and someones got their arms folded (oh no)
Cradle you, candle you in the best of intentions
My scales are boring…

Pencil Pools.

The sound is fixed floating and
we got time tonight to share it.
got the space to move
the bruises to prove
laying back in the fuzz.
my trap is not my trap
ticked of and dry
so separate yr golden bad bad moods
take us out
pencil pools transmission
getting cold again
sharing the masks and spilling our flasks
chip yr button shut
all you need is guts
straight from the back to the front
florescent in the day we go
it’s a word remembered
and this storm is my very own storm
and this sneeze is my very own sneeze
and throw it all out
and throw it all back
I’m here for you…
the longer you sneeze the harder i squeeze
the doors were made for us.