MAY 2020

A wave and a whistle

got caught in the sun

ice creams and smoke

Jack would like to LIVE in





A platform for elders to peddle upon

London Bridge

Strange sunny scenes.

Verity from Electrelane

playing after midnight

It was the way to go.

Pop Tarts stacked – Amazing –

Cinnamon harder to reach

and thing fell when reached for and filmed.

Hattie – sore feet London walking

fresh new dress and wonderful

hands to hold.

I got my ice cream with mint choc chip

chocolate stick


Rachel and Ben live high up

with London melting at the window

I could sleep in his grandmothers deck chair.

Gin and Tonic

Tennis and heat

Turkish Pizza – it was the weekend

Walking weekend in London

the smell of sushi in the sun

we fell apart and came undone, together.